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Solid Hardwood FLoating Floors by Steller


Isn't She Lovely? The Darling of Hardwoods + Simple Installation & Spot-Repairs with Steller Floors
Tokyo Cherry by Steller
Tokyo Cherry  by Steller
Prefinished & Sealed

Choose Graceful Cherry

If you want to fall in love with your floor, look no further than a solid wood Cherry Steller Floor. With bespoke golden red color and luminescent grain, cherry flooring planks shimmer joyously in the sunbeams, and romance every visitor.

  • Highest Quality, Solid Wood Materials (FAS/F1F)
  • Standard Materials are 5" Wide, Prefinished & Sealed
  • Easy & Fast Installation using our Patented System, DIY or Pro
  • Simple, Low- Cost Repairs that Extend the Lifetime of your Floor
  • 100% Made in the USA using 100% Wind Power, Sustainable Wood & Craftmanship Wages

Available in Heirloom by Steller.

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Why Cherry, Solid Wood Flooring by Steller?

A Spellbinding Beauty  

Cherry hardwood flooring, featuring warm ruddy-brown hues and bright golden highlights, not-so subtly enchants any room. Whether serving as a focal point alongside traditional dark-toned furniture or as a charming complement in a brightly lit space with light walls and fabrics, it coyly reflects warm, golden light, enhancing its surroundings.

For Gentle Use Only

Cherry hardwood is one of our softest species, and because of its light color, it is the hardwood that will have the most visible wear. Of course, if your Steller Cherry hardwood floor receives unexpected wear in these areas, you can repair it in an instant using your suction cup.

From Wagon Wheels to Sky High

Central and Northern PA are home to some of the best-known cherry forests in the world thanks to their large and high-quality trees. These forests helped form the basis of much of the furniture-making throughout the 1900s. When you buy a Steller Cherry Flooring, you are joining a family of American cherry enthusiasts worldwide who appreciate the distinctive charm of these hardwood floors.

Why Steller Cherry?

Cherry wood, known for its unique beauty but often avoided due to its softness, is now a viable flooring option with Steller's patented assembly system. Damaged planks can be easily replaced or spot-repaired using a suction cup, ensuring your floors continue to inspire for generations.

Authentic Beauty

Steller Floors are Solid Hardwood

6 American Species & a Range of Finishes to Suit Your Aesthetic.

Easy Install & Care

Steller Floors are Easy to Install 

Assemble DIY or with Your Favorite Local Contractor.

Extraordinary Value

Invest in the Highest Quality

Made 100% in the USA Using Craftsmanship

Steller Floors Pricing

Cost-Competitive with Alternatives

Steller Floors have Amazing Lifetime Value at Amazing Prices.

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Explore Cherry in Detail

Discover the Scale and Variability of the Grain of Cherry

Shopping for authentic flooring online can be challenging because the flooring you get won't look like what you see in the pictures - it will be totally unique. This tool is designed to show you how different light conditions bring out the scale & dimensions of the grain.

Tokyo Cherry by Steller
Tokyo Cherry by Steller - Light Simulation
Tokyo Cherry by Steller - Shoes for Scale
Easy, Authentic, Beautiful: Floors by Steller. Better than Any Alternative in 50+ Ways.

Buy Steller Floors Cherry Samples

We Always Recommend Getting Samples to See Them in Person

American Oak
The Full Experience

The Curated Sample Experience

When you're shopping for flooring there's only one way to get hands-on experience with the world's top flooring materials & experts: The Steller Curated Sample Experience.



À la Carte Cherry Samples


Discover More Authentic Grains

Real, Solid Hardwoods with Authentic Character

All Sourced with the Highest Standards in Sustainability + Precision-Milled Using 100% Wind Power & Living Wages in the USA. Learn More.

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