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Walnut by Steller

Walnut is our warmest, richest Steller wood floor, and it is clear why! With chocolate tones and the occasional green or purple highlight, Walnut’s variation and charm sets it in a class of its own.

Walnut floor visualized
Tahoe Walnut

Tahoe Walnut by Steller

Standard Finishes: Tahoe

Material: Solid Wood

Grade: Premium (FAS/F1F)

Guarantee: Steller Craftsmanship Guarantee

Prefinished: UV-Cured, satin polyurethane (no VOCs)

Sealants: Sealed on all sides

Width: 5" Wide

Thickness: 3/4" (Heirloom Luxe) thickness

Length: 5 Fixed lengths (2' to 4' long)


Source: Regional, Secondary growth

Living Wage: Local Craftsmanship Wages

Steller Floors Projects in Walnut

Why Walnut?

Steller Floors in Walnut have rich, luxurious tone and color!

  • Style

    Walnut flooring is so unique in its patterns and diverse color variability that it stands alone and deserves to be used in your most inspired spaces including music rooms, art studios and studies, or art and yoga studios.

  • Wear & Tear

    Walnut trees are fruit trees and produce very soft wood – in fact, walnut floors are some of the softest floors that still qualify as hardwoods! Walnut floors won’t stand up to aggressive pets or heavy shoe traffic, but it can be the perfect hardwood floor choice in socks-only areas like offices, dens, formal living rooms and bedrooms.

  • History

    Some of the most beautiful and expensive wood floors and furniture in the world are made from walnut wood. Since Walnut trees have incredible character, even in their bark, walnut tables are most commonly found in their “live-edge” form in large conference tables and benches where butterfly-shaped insets help keep the wood stabilized. Seeing walnut used in a Steller Floor is a unique opportunity to see a huge range of colors and grain patterns in the wood flooring.

  • Why Steller Walnut Hardwood?

    Walnut flooring is a beautiful wood due to its warm, rich tones. Steaming the wood helps to even out the extremely high color variations. In the right places (like your home!), walnut can add a feeling of coziness that’s hard to get from other wood varieties.

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Your Steller Samples are Ready:

Avoid ordering a million samples! First, narrow your choices using our guide, and then use our sample program to make your final decision. That's why we offer packs of three:

  • Three samples of the same species to see grain variability.
  • Three samples from the same species in different finishes.
  • Three samples from the same aesthetic category.