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Hickory by Steller

The instantly recognizable grain and incredible hardness of hickory flooring make it a beautiful and smart choice for actively used spaces.

With Steller you get:

Hickory Tallahassee by Steller Visualized

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When you get a quote from us, you're starting with the best as the baseline.

Hickory Tallahassee by Steller

Hickory Tallahassee by Steller

Hickory Nashville by Steller
Hickory Nashville by Steller
Hickory Durham by Steller
Hickory Durham by Steller

Standard Finishes: Tallahassee, Nashville, Durham

Material: Solid Wood

Grade: Premium (FAS/F1F)

Guarantee: Steller Craftsmanship Guarantee

Prefinished: UV-Cured, satin polyurethane (no VOCs)

Sealants: Sealed on all sides

Width: 5" Wide

Thickness: 3/4" Heirloom Luxe thickness

Length: 5 Fixed lengths (2' to 4' long)


Source: Regional, Secondary growth

Living Wage: Local Craftsmanship Wages

Why Hickory?

Steller Floors in Hickory have unmistakable unique grain and exceptional hardness!

  • Style

    The look of a hickory plank hardwood floor is very unique because of its distinctive dark and light sections that represent different types of wood within the tree. Unlike Ash, Hickory flooring has more subtle grain patterns, ruddy tones, and the character is entirely unique. Some professionals would be able to identify a piece of hickory wood at a distance thanks to its very distinctive flooring look.

    If the flooring variation within a clear-coated hickory floor is too traditional for your style, we also offer Hickory with a dark brown stain that helps even out the different tones in the wood, but you will still benefit from the hardness of the wood flooring in your most actively used interior spaces.

  • Wear & Tear

    Hickory flooring is the hardest species in the Steller species lineup which makes it resilient to high-traffic areas like entryways, dining areas and living spaces. Extra resistance to shoes and pets means that this prefinished flooring can last for generations in a typical home.

  • History

    Wood from hickory trees simply represents one of the most pure forms of American history. Far beyond a wood that we use to smoke different kinds of meats, pioneers exploring the American West made their wagon wheels from hickory and the Wright Brothers used hickory in their prototype airplanes! The charm of this rustic-looking hardwood flooring can warm up any interior space.

  • Why Steller Hickory Hardwood?

    Steller Hickory Hardwood Flooring is an American classic with a characteristic beauty that will certainly stand the test of time. Not only do the variants in grain patterns and colors hide dust and dirt more than other types of hardwood flooring, but they provide countless combinations of patterns once installed. Both of which make it easier to maintain, and treasure over the years.

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Your Steller Samples are Ready:

Avoid ordering a million samples! First, narrow your choices using our guide, and then use our sample program to make your final decision. That's why we offer packs of three:

  • Three samples of the same species to see grain variability.
  • Three samples from the same species in different finishes.
  • Three samples from the same aesthetic category.