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Understanding Steller Floors Pricing as a Mid-Range, High Quality Flooring Option

At Steller Floors, our highest priority is to provide exceptionally high quality, easy to install hardwood floors that are low-cost to install and maintain over a longest-possible lifetime.

This approach makes our pricing incredibly competitive when considering the total cost of your project and the lifetime of the flooring that you're purchasing. 

Below we compare Steller Floors pricing including materials, accessories and labor costs versus typical alternatives. We also combine them in a table - and we show that Steller Floors are a much higher quality option while also being priced in the middle of the pricing range as compared to alternatives.

Direct from Our Pennsylvania Facility to Your Job Site

Our team of experts works directly with you, your contractor, or your vendor to find the perfect Steller Floor. We then ship your materials directly from our facility in central Pennsylvania to job sites worldwide. This streamlined process ensures that you receive the best possible product without unnecessary markups.

The Unique Advantages of Steller Floors

As you've seen from our videos, Steller Floors are fundamentally different from every floor you’ve ever heard of—in quality, innovation, and mission. But for the purposes of understanding our pricing below, we will reluctantly compare our flooring to other flooring products you might find in flooring stores near you.

Summarizing the Costs of Basic and Higher-End Flooring Products

Basic flooring products range from $1 to $7 per square foot in material pricing. These materials include vinyl, laminate, bamboo, or sometimes narrow-slat, unfinished solid wood. While wood will last for a long time if it is well cared for, most of the other materials are expected to last for 10 to 15 years before needing full replacement.

Additional costs for glue, staples, nails, stain, and finish can add nothing if the materials float to $3 per square foot if your product requires glue and/or underlayment.

Labor typically runs $2 to $4 per square foot​ (LV Hardwood Flooring Toronto)​​ (Homewyse)​​ (House Grail)​.

Higher quality materials, such as tile, natural stone, high-quality engineered materials with thick wear layers, and wide plank solid wood flooring, range from $10 to $30 per square foot or more.

These materials are not expected to "wear out" as quickly as cheaper materials - and could last generations or longer with care - but may fall out of fashion - which is a risk especially with porcelain tile because it is synthetic as opposed to naturally derived

Additional costs for glue, staples, nails, mortar, grout, and specialty underlayment can add $2 to $15 per square foot.

Labor for these materials runs $5 to $10 per square foot depending on the complexity of the installation and the market​ (LV Hardwood Flooring Toronto)​​ (Homewyse)​​ (House Grail)​.

For more detailed and updated information on flooring costs, you can refer to the Bob Vila guide on flooring installation costs or This Old House Guide to Hardwood Flooring costs.

A Mid-Range, High-Quality Flooring Solution: Steller Floors

With Steller Floors, you get the high quality of ultra-luxury products, incredible innovation and flexibility, and low-cost assembly materials and labor. Plus, you can even install your hardwood floor yourself at no additional cost.

For instance, Steller Sylva in American Oak Tacoma offers 5-inch wide, 5/8-inch thick prefinished planks, sealed on all sides, priced at $8.99 per square foot. The assembly clips cost only $2.79 per square foot while shipping and tax are additional costs associated with any flooring purchase. 

Professional labor for Steller installs as quickly as laminate or LVP, costing $2 to $4 per square foot. 

Comparing Flooring Costs Puts Steller in the Middle

As you can see from the table below, while all Steller Floors are made with the same commitment to maximizing quality and innovation, the low cost of installation means that Steller Floors has a wide variety of products that are accessible both to budget flooring shoppers and to folks who are looking for more luxurious options. 

  Avg. Material Nails, Glue, or Other Assembly Labor Total per Sf
Basic Flooring $1 - $7 $0 - $3 $0 - $4 $1 -$15
Steller Floors $9 -$16+ $2.79 $0 - $4 $12 - $20+
High End Flooring $10 -$30+ $2 - $15 $5 - $10+ $15 - $30+

Pmax Ads Tall (3)-1Looking for Quality, Basic Flooring?

Check out Steller Sylva. Sylva is a price-approachable, high quality option for customers considering higher-end laminate and vinyl products, offering significantly better long-term return on investment thanks to its solid hardwood construction, easy installation, and simple single-plank repairs​​.

Considering High-End Wood Floors?

Opt for Steller Heirloom & Steller Heirloom Luxe instead. Permanently installed engineered or solid wood flooring has been permanently outdone by Steller Heirloom products with assembly clips, which range from $12 to $16 per square foot, with labor costing $2 to $4 per square foot. 

Even taking for granted all of the innovation that adds ease and lifetime to your Steller Floor, Heirloom and Luxe 3/4-inch solid hardwoods additionally offer:

  • a full 1/4-inch refinishing capacity,
  • excellent sound transmission reduction, and
  • a variety of herringbone and parquet designs that do not add significant on-site costs*

*Learn about on-site costs of traditional herringbone). Instead, our craftspeople handle the finer details of herringbone and parquet patterning at much lower cost in-house here at Steller​.

Unprecedented Value and Long-Term Benefits with Steller Hardwood Floors

Never before have such high-quality, real solid hardwood materials been so easy or low-cost to install and maintain. Plus, in commercial spaces, additional tax incentives may apply to your Steller Floors purchase. 

The Steller Savings Add Up

While Steller Floors' innovative assembly is making high quality solid hardwood floors more affordable to purchase and own than ever before by reducing the time and cost of installation, our floors are also faster and easier to repair. Why refinish corners of the room you never walk on? Plus those savings add up over time. Learn more about those amazing savings and how they stack  up against comparable alternatives.

For more information about our catalog of species and stains, including herringbone, parquetry, and pre-patterned layouts for reusable trade show flooring, request a quote on our website or call us at 1-800-955-7671.