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Top 4 Wood Flooring Trends to Watch in 2024

Refreshed Mid-2024!!

Here at Steller Floors, we always keep an eye on the market to find out which products make a splash in the building products industry. When we stay on top of trends, our clients can achieve the most desirable flooring projects — we’ve got your back!

This year we are watching 4 trends that could change the flooring market forever:

  1. Floating Floors Over Concrete

  2. Natural Stain & Natural Grain

  3. Commitment to Craftsmanship and Sustainability

  4. DIY-Friendly Flooring Materials

Scroll down to see how buying a Steller Floor means you have access to cutting-edge floors in mid-2024.


1. Wood Floating Floors Over Concrete - Still HOT

In the past, concrete subfloors were considered an inferior subfloors because so few floor finishes were appropriate for use without complex subfloor assemblies. Luckily, modern concrete subfloors are significantly more common and many solutions exist. In particular, we at Steller Floors provide solid hardwood flooring finishes that can float on top of a concrete subfloor without sleepers or complex subfloor assemblies. 

What is a Floating Floor?

Floating floors are not attached to the subfloor or underlying structure. Instead, these floors are designed to "float" on top of the subfloor and most do not use nails or glue. There are several types of floating floors including laminate, engineered wood, and vinyl. The most innovative floating floors are made of solid hardwood. Steller Floors are made in the USA, sustainably sourced, high-quality, and are a fantastic choice for many homeowners and owners of commercial spaces because they are durable, easy to maintain, and can be installed over any level subfloor including concrete.

  • Check out how to install hardwood floating floors over concrete and detailed DIY repairs whether you are a contractor, homeowner, or commercial architect.

Steller Floors are Easy to Repair

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Why Steller floating flooring has advantages over nailed or glued-down alternatives:

Innovative floating hardwood floors by Steller offer the same quality and craftsmanship as traditional hardwood or tile floors and have several additional advantages. Steller Floors are much easier to install than traditional floors since there’s no need for adhesives or nails. Installation takes no more than a few hours and requires only basic tools like saws and non-marking mallets. 

It’s easy to install our pre-sealed planks with

Steller's patented clip technology.

Floating floors are popular because they are easy to install and can be used over a variety of subfloors, including concrete, wood, and even existing flooring. Steller Floors are unique because they are made of solid hardwood so you can remove a single plank out of the middle of the floor for simple repairs, or remove the whole floor for any reason and then reassemble it whenever or wherever you want. They are a great choice for rental properties or other situations where the flooring may need to be changed frequently. In a typical residence, this benefit keeps your floors youthful for 100+ years!

Repair your floor in minutes.

Repairing and resurfacing Steller Floors hardwood planks is simple. You can always call us to order a replacement kit that matches your floor. If you have a scratch, dent, or stain that appears on your Steller Floor, you have lots of options to help you manage your flooring. You can choose to refinish or repair the plank, move the plank to a hidden area of the room, or replace the plank with a new plank from us. You can remove the plank from the floor using a suction cup to work on the plank on a table or workbench. If you’d rather hide the plank instead of repairing it right away, you can always swap the plank with another plank in the room. By doing so, you can hide the damaged plank somewhere discreet, like under a rug or under a couch. Any of these steps are easy enough for you to complete yourself, or you can hire a local handyperson to help you because no certifications or complex tools are required.

They can be waterproofed for accidents.

Before installing a Steller hardwood floating floor over concrete, you will first need to choose an underlayment. Underlayments are a thin layer of foam or other water-proof material that is placed between the concrete subfloor and the floating floor. The underlayment helps prevent moisture from wicking up the concrete and into the back of the hardwood materials. In the event of a flood or a spill, you can rapidly replace single boards rather than your entire floor. Between the ease of repair and water-proof materials, your floor will last for generations.

They can be soundproofed for acoustic quality.

If you choose, you can add a soundproof cushion to prevent noise from coming up from below the floor. However, always exercise caution that the underlayment is not too compliant. Underlayment that is too “squishy” can make installation difficult and can cause the floor to flex underfoot. With a Steller Floor, you can always test your underlayment in the middle of the room to determine if it feels right to you before installing the whole room.


2. Natural Stains and Grain in Wood Floors

If you're looking for a floor that celebrates nature and tradition, look no further than the upcoming launch of our new line of prefinished, solid floating hardwood floors with natural wood stains. Our team at Steller Floors is passionate about solid hardwood floors and the natural beauty they bring to any space. That's why we've developed this line of stains that enhance the natural color of the wood and showcase its beautiful grain patterns.

Our company promotes sustainable, ethical manufacturing practices, so all of our products are manufactured using sustainable methods and materials. By choosing a floor from our natural wood stain line, you'll be supporting eco-friendly practices and helping to protect regional forests

Advantages of Natural Stains on Wood Floors:

Our natural stains support a sustainable future.

All of Steller’s hardwood is sustainably sourced from secondary-regrowth forests in the Appalachian Region. Our compostable, biodegradable planks allow us to make a renewable, regenerative product. Our patented technology reduces waste while increasing the value of your home. Moreover, our ethical manufacturing protocols enforce net-zero carbon emissions and use 100% renewable energy sources. Benefiting the environment and rural communities is a top priority for us.

Of course, with a Steller Floor, you can always call us to order a replacement kit that matches your floor. With new planks to replace the damaged planks in hand, you can choose to turn the damaged planks into a personal wood project, sand the polyurethane off the top and compost the plank, or use it for firewood. Discarding a Steller Flooring plank in the trash that goes to a landfill isn’t necessary because our solid wood planks are a completely natural material that will decompose over time.

Natural stain is easier to maintain.

Our prefinished hardwood floors are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your home, and our floating technology makes them easier than ever to maintain and repair. That means that you can enjoy the look of natural grain and stains without worrying about upkeep. Our high-quality, solid wood materials and UV-cure polyurethane coatings ensure that our hardwood flooring stands up to wear and tear, so you can feel confident that it will last for years to come. 

In addition to biophilic (“nature-loving”) designs, natural stains are easier to refinish and repair because the natural color of the wood underneath the polyurethane finish matches the rest of the floor. When you stain your floor a dark color that differs from the wood underneath, a scratch or dent can reveal lighter, brighter wood colors underneath. In these cases, you can use a stain pen from any hardware store to darken the repair area to match the rest of the floor before refinishing.

Shop wood floor stains with confidence

Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect flooring solution for your space. With a wide selection of finishes available, we’re sure you’ll find something that perfectly suits your style – and budget. You can always order samples on our website or contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your space with our hardwood flooring solutions.


3. Commitment to Craftsmanship in Wood Floors

Performance and sustainability in hardwood floors are linked

Significantly American-made, craft-based, natural materials have a lower carbon footprint and last longer than comparable materials which increases sustainability through eco-design principles. Here at Steller Floors, we use deliberate design choices to support blue-collar careers in craftsmanship in our small, rural community, Tyrone PA. While our flooring planks are not necessarily high art or hand carved, they are precision-milled with a high degree of commitment to quality and engineering which allows the true beauty of the natural material to shine through. 

Since our floors are made of solid wood, they are significantly carbon-negative cradle-to-gate and are mindfully crafted to be able to be re-used throughout their long lives. We are proud to manufacture high-quality floors that are easy to assemble and repair for as long as possible so that your investment grows in value. 

Made in America Wood Floors

From the kitchen to the living room, from coffee shops to libraries, when you buy wood flooring it adds an aesthetic warmth and quality to your space that is both beautiful and durable. With the added performance of a Steller Floating Wood Floor, you can be confident that you can affordably maintain and care for your wood floor over time. We believe in creating wood floors that not only look great but also last for generations and preserve value—all while keeping jobs right here in the USA. By purchasing wood floors made in the USA, you're taking part in a legacy of craftsmanship and supporting blue-collar careers that keep our economy strong.  

Get quality wood floors from US producers that are sure to make your home shine!  Shop wood floors made here in the USA today! Discover investments in your space that matter!

Increasingly, homeowners and architects alike are recognizing the value of investing in high-quality workmanship for both residential and commercial spaces. Increasing the value of your investment property is the main reason you build new or renovate, and cheap materials are never going to add value to a space – they only represent a cost. On the contrary, when materials are made with longevity in mind and have high quality and craftsmanship invested in them, they add value beyond what you paid for them. This principle is for two reasons:

  1. In general, inflation grows the value of long-lived products including heirloom and craft-based finishes, furniture, and art. Antiques and art collections reinforce this concept.

  2. Investments in materials sourced in America grow generational value and interest, which increases the value of individual items.

Using wood floors to increase your home value

Hardwood floors contribute to your property value in both of the ways described above. First, since hardwoods are made from a commodity (wood), the baseline price of hardwood flooring tends to increase with time and inflation. That means that on average, the person who buys your home in 20 years could not purchase hardwood floors at the same price you can purchase them today. Since your Steller Hardwood Floors are long-lived and easy to maintain, they can appear new and refreshed throughout their lifetimes with a low cost of maintenance. Then, when you have your home appraised or put on the market, your hardwoods improve the value of your home rather than reduce it. On the other hand, cheap and disposable materials can negatively affect the value of your home right away.

Second, hardwood floors are an American standard. In some neighborhoods, anything less will decrease the value of your home. It is widely accepted in our culture that living with hardwoods improves the overall feel and warmth of your home, making it nicer and cozier to live in. When you invest in hardwoods and high-quality hardwoods like Steller Floors, and you care for them over time, you help maintain both the monetary and social value of the materials.


4. DIY-Friendly Flooring Materials

As costs increase across our broader economy in 2023, renovating or building a new home requires cost-effective choices. How can you get a high-quality outcome with a lower cost? The ideal approach is to search out high-quality materials that are easier to install and maintain on a budget. While the materials cost a little more, the savings over the lifetime of the floor add up and significantly reduce the overall costs of renovation projects.

Here at Steller Floors, we manufacture floating solid hardwood floors that are DIY-friendly and easy to install. Pre-sealed planks eliminate hazardous odors and dangerous tools from a project site. Designed with the homeowner and local installer in mind, these floating floors can be assembled without any certifications or special tools, so you can save time and money on installation costs by doing it yourself or hiring a local professional. Because our floors are designed for durability and reparability, you can have peace of mind during your renovation process. All you need to repair our floor is a suction cup!

How to install a hardwood floating floor:

Before installing a Steller hardwood floating floor over your subfloor, you will first need to choose an underlayment. Underlayments are a thin layer of foam or other water-proof material that is placed between the concrete subfloor and the floating floor. The underlayment helps prevent moisture from wicking up the concrete and into the back of the hardwood materials. 

Simple wood floor assembly without complex certifications.

Assembly for a Steller Wood Floor doesn’t require any certification, so you can DIY (do-it-yourself) or hire a professional with assembly at costs that are similar to cheaper materials like Luxury Vinyl Tile and Laminate. Plus, since floating floors don’t need to be nailed down to the subflooring beneath them, they can easily be repaired or removed if needed–helping them stay fresh over their long lifetimes.                

Steller Floors offers several wood species and natural finishes for when you’re replacing existing flooring or building new homes and businesses. So, whether you need a simple solution that can be installed quickly or something more permanent that adds an extra layer of sophistication to your space, our floating floors have got you covered! It’s an easy way to upgrade any room without breaking the bank—or your back. Consider investing in a floating floor today!

Choosing an Underlayment for Your Wood Floor

To install the floating floor, you should clean and prepare the concrete subfloor by making sure the subfloor is clean, dry, and level. If the subfloor is uneven, use a self-leveling compound to level it out. Then, install the underlayment according to manufacturer specifications. Generally, seams should be overlapping to prevent moisture transmission.

Assembling Your Own Wood Floor

Practice assembling your hardwood flooring in the middle of the room first. That way, you get the hang of the floating assembly techniques using our quick start guide as a reference. Push finished sections against the wall rather than assembling them very close to the wall. This approach helps you learn, and it is more ergonomic. Use a non-marking mallet to tap the panels together and create a tight seam.

When you reach a wall, trim the ends of the planks or along the length as needed and seal the cut ends. With a Steller Floor, you can use the sealant we send along with the floor because it is non-toxic and dries quickly. Install any transition strips where the floating floor will meet another type of flooring, such as carpet or tile, and then install any baseboards or molding.

As always, please reference our assembly guide when installing a floating floor over concrete. If you are unsure about any part of the installation process, it is a good idea to give us a call (1-800-955-7671) or contact us with any questions.

Repair or Replace Wood Planks in Seconds using a Suction Cup.

With traditional floor installations and refinishing, errors and mistakes are permanently nailed or glued down, which can increase the cost and amount of time needed for your flooring project. To reduce assembly time and hassles, with our floating floors, you won’t have to worry about costly mistakes because of their ease of assembly and simple maintenance. As an efficient time saver, just use a suction cup for quick repairs and replacement. And, since our floors are made from solid wood, you’ll get high-quality results. Now you can renovate or remodel your space while feeling accomplished knowing that you chose materials that reduce stress.

When it comes to refinishing or resurfacing your wood floor, you almost never need to completely re-sand or stain your floor unless you want to change the color. In those rare cases, it is possible to refinish your floor in place using traditional methods, but we recommend thinking differently about your flooring renovation in these cases. If possible, simply use a belt sander or surface planer to remove and refinish your planks so that you can remove as little as possible of the plank. That way your floor can live the longest possible life as a reusable product because resurfacing requires less material to be removed.

Repairing Steller Floor Planks

Repairing Steller Floors planks is easy. First, you remove the plank from the floor using a suction cup so that you can work on the plank on a table or workbench. Then, use 220-grit sandpaper to sand the entire surface of the board. If the scratch or stain is surficial, you simply rough up the surface of the plank and refinish it using water-based polyurethane in a sheen that matches the rest of the floor.

If you have a deeper dent, you can use wood putty to fill the dent and then refinish the plank as above. If the look of the plank doesn’t match your expectations, or if you’d rather hide the plank instead of repairing it right away, you can always swap the plank with another plank in the room. By doing so, you can hide the damaged plank somewhere discreet, like under a rug or under a couch.

Advancing Flooring Innovations in 2024

Steller Floors is committed to broadening our offerings in our high-quality floating floors in 2024. Our floors have always been sourced with the highest quality, milled to precision tolerances, finished, and sealed to perfection. Our patented innovations lead the way in making assembly fast and easy, making repairs painless, and giving a floor the longest possible sustainable life. And, our company is founded on the idea that an investment in local jobs pays dividends for our clients, our community, and our environment.

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, in 2024 we are expanding our offerings in commercial spaces and residential installations over poured concrete slabs. In addition, we are introducing a variety of natural stains for our floating floor solutions. Since all of our wood floor options come from our central Pennsylvania facility and North American forests—we are confident you will find an option for your next investment project that meets both your aesthetic and budget needs. 

Reach Out to Our Team at Steller Floors

Our team of experienced professionals have worked tirelessly to develop these new floating flooring solutions with sustainability in mind. We believe that by creating flooring products that look great now but can also stand the test of time, we are helping customers get the projects completed faster with fewer stressors along the way. At Steller Floors, we are looking forward to continuing our mission of advancing flooring innovations in 2024 and beyond. We are excited for you to join us on this journey as we create beautiful, sustainable solutions for your flooring needs!