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Getting the Best Hardwood Floors For Your Money with Steller Floors

In renovations, planning flooring projects feels super high pressure because the objective always seems to be about getting the the whole project done all at once. 

So, many of our clients are trying to maximize a high volume of flooring and the top value for the best price, all right now. For new builds, this philosophy makes sense - but for renovations it certainly feels like a choice.

And, what if we could change that old model? Could flooring projects be easier, more relaxed, better quality - and even more affordable if we could choose to take flooring projects a little... slower?

Why are old school flooring projects done all-at-once?

Retiring Colors For one, old-school flooring brands regularly retire their color series, and leave you high-and-dry with mismatched flooring. Isn't it 2024, today? Shouldn't most colors be available? Unfortunately, it seems that part of the motive here is to encourage folks to buy large volumes of flooring and overage to avoid being caught without matches - maybe we're a little cynical but -

Here at Steller Floors, we'll keep your colors on-file. Don't bother storing overage in your garage.

Transitions When you have partially installed sections, temporary t-strip transitions will tend to become hard breaks in your flooring pattern. Luckily, with Steller Floors, you can shuffle planks into new areas without hard breaks.

Highly Qualified Labor  In traditionally installed flooring projects, materials are expensive and permanently installed, which means that only highly qualified personnel can be hired to install the materials. These folks can be hard to find, and difficult to schedule in small bursts.

Clustering Chaos When flooring is involved, sometimes the stress just makes you just want to move out and forget you ever lived in your home - so you may as well do it all at once and just rip the band-aid off. Between packing up your belongings, moving furniture, sanding and refinishing - it really can be an undertaking - and that doesn't even consider replacing flooring or subfloor components.

Wouldn't it be nice to do just one room at a time?

In these low-win scenarios for the buyer, you're forced to buy as much flooring as you can for the budget you have - and race to get it all done - all at once.

And, as a result, tons of cheap flooring brands out there compete to tell you that their options are the lowest priced options available - all in a race to the bottom.

 Luckily, at Steller Floors - None of these things happen.

So let's take a second look at fast flooring.

Here at Steller Floors we have a totally unique - and fundamentally different - answer for you:

The best flooring for your money is, in fact, the high-quality, long-lived flooring that you have your heart set on - just plan ahead, and pace your project in phases within your budget.

Steller Floors makes it easy & fun: You can take on high quality projects with great results at your pace, weave planks together - invisibly - at the seams, and we won't retire colors or purposefully penalize you for taking your time on your flooring project.  

Steller Floors' Clients Showed us the Way

Steller Floors were designed with homeowners and business owners in mind - we wanted to create a real solid wood floor that worked with the properties of wood instead of against it.

Yet, it was our clients themselves who taught us that they could do Steller Floors projects in small parts and blend projects together. Take for example Eliesha - who installed her own American Oak floor or Bobbi in New Jersey who renovated her home with Steller Floors in five different parts!

Let's Imagine a Typical American Wood Flooring Renovation Project

Let's say that you have a long-running plan to replace the carpet in your home with new Steller Real Solid Hardwood Flooring, and the plan of attack is to tackle three small bedrooms upstairs (396 sqft) and a shared hallway between them (150 sqft), and a large master bedroom downstairs (270 sqft). In total you have 816 sqft. 

In this scenario, let's say that your plan is to DIY the project with the plan of hiring someone if you opt-out along the way.

Luckily, even if you do so, the penalty isn't very high since the cost of installing a Steller Floor is similar to the cost of installing LVP - which saves over 50% compared to traditional hardwoods.

With Steller Floors pricing, if your plan is to go with our Flagship Steller Heirloom 3/4" product and with the assembly clip, your all-in costs are likely in the range of a typical hardwood flooring project of $12,500- $15,000. 

However, here's an insider tip! Each Real Wood Steller Floor ships with about 500 sqft on one pallet. That means that you can efficiently use your shipping costs to break your project into parts around that breaking point.

In this example, if you break the project into two parts, your overall project budget will be similar - but it will be in two bite-sized pieces instead of one big kahuna. And, if financing is a concern, you can break your family financial impact into two pieces and avoid paying the financing costs of the total project. 

How Does Steller Floors Avoid the Race to the Bottom in Quality?

Contrary to most other brands, our objective is to create the best value flooring by creating the longest lived flooring with the lowest install & repair costs.

It sounds kind of crazy - that you could have the best of both worlds - a real, solid hardwood floor, that adds beauty and value to your space and have greater convenience than many other brands in the market. But, its true!

There are three ways that we provide you with Amazing Value at Steller Floors:

1) Innovation: We mill our flooring to use our patented assembly system, so that you can install and remove planks easily - without nails, glue, complex tools or certifications -- even DIY homeowners can install their own floors! Learn more about benefits for homeowners.

2) High Quality: We make our flooring planks at the highest quality possible. We use wide plank, FAS and F1F high quality, kiln dried materials, sourced from some of the most sustainable forests on Earth. We mill our planks under climate-control, have tolerances within 0.010" and pre-finish and seal our planks before shipment. 

Steller Floors have virtually unlimited flexibility3) Plan Ahead & Pace Project Phases: Finally, instead of encouraging you to cut corners or short-change your project by choosing cheaper materials - choose the flooring you love and want to keep for a very, very long time - and keep an eye on the lifetime savings. And, keep in mind that Steller Floors' innovative assembly system means that you can seamlessly blend portions of your project.

So, if you have your heart set on walnut herringbone or custom white washed white oak, but you can't do it all right now - start in one room. Then, move to the next when you're ready. With a Steller Floor, you can simply inter-weave planks at the juncture when you're ready to continue the project. 


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