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What Happens When a Skeptic Installs a Steller Hardwood Floor?

ContractorsThe last few years have been overwhelming and exciting for our team here at Steller Floors, because our innovations in hardwood floors have had a huge amount of support among homeowners, property owners and contractors in the building community.

In our experience, when folks first learn about our innovative hardwood floors that are installed using our patented system instead of nails or glue, some folks (typically the engineering types) immediately "just get it."

But that isn't always the first reaction we get.

Some folks, who are often the most curious about Steller are still skeptical. We understand - a hardwood floor is a big purchase and a big commitment - and no real innovation has happened in hardwood floors for a very long time. It is natural to question whether a new product really works.

Over time, this trend has begin to shift. As our community has grown and our list of showcases get longer - the skeptics are starting to reach out and think about their own Steller Floors projects.

Here's the story of one builder who put our real, solid hardwood floors to the ultimate test!

It was the Spring of 2024...

when Tory of Victory Builders LLC in Northern Philly first gave us a call. He was curious about Steller Floors. But he, like many of our clients, doesn't compromise on quality.

In Tory's design/build business, reputation matters and so even if he was curious about Steller Floors - he wasn't going to jump in without significant education.

When he reached out, he asked if he could come visit us in Tyrone - a 3 hour drive intro central PA. We welcomed him to stop by when he had the chance.

When Tory and his team arrived, Britta was his first point of contact...

Planks are easily removed and replaced using a simple suction cupTogether, they met up in the studio around a section of Steller Flooring laid out as a demonstration. While the team was polite, Britta immediately sensed fairly extreme skepticism, and welcomed them to step on the demo flooring. 

The team quickly jumped on the floor - because that was their first question - what is it like to walk on a Steller Floating Hardwood Floor? 

Since Steller Floors are made of real, solid hardwood - the material is quite heavy. Weighing in at an average of 3 lbs/sqft - the materials are significantly heavier than other floating floor materials like LVP and laminate - which keeps the floor feeling firm and noiseless under foot on most subfloors.

As soon as they started walking on the Steller Floor, their relief was obvious - and next they were excited to try the suction cup. When it was just as easy as it looked  - and was easy to re-install and remove again - they were thrilled and immediately imagined themselves demonstrating the suction cup for their customers.

Then, they wanted to know: How easy is installing a Steller Floor?

All different kinds of people have installed Steller Floors with only basic training - including contractors with no experience in hardwoods, concert musicians, accountants and their teenage sons. And, its because so little of the work for a Steller Floor happens on site.

Instead, we create Steller Floors to be as high quality as possible from day 1. By sourcing the highest quality materials, milling to precise dimensions under climate control, and prefinishing and sealing before shipment - all of the complexity of installing a real hardwood floor is gone.

With a Steller Floor, no flooring jacks are needed to press planks flat, all of the gaps between planks are preconfigured, and planks are milled straight and strong enough to align themselves in straight row - and planks don't need defects cut out. We've handled all of that before the floor arrives on site.

Plus - thanks to our patented design, there are no nails and glue with a Steller Floor - most installation snafus can be reversed without damaging materials. 

Tory instantly understood the value of a real, hardwood flooring product that costs significantly less to install because it is as fast to install as LVP, and the installer does not need to be highly qualified.

His wheels were spinning, but he was not going to tell Britta what the next big test was. Tory placed an order for about 1,300 sqft of American Oak Tacoma - and got ready for delivery in June.

What is the ultimate test for a Steller Floor?

On June 12, Tory reached out to the Steller Team and let us know that the installers for his Steller Floor - Tory's own teenage son and his friend - were already in the midst of installing the floor as part of their summer job. It was Wednesday and they had been promised a bonus if they completed the installation by the weekend.

And, did Steller Floors Pass the Ultimate Test?

On June 20, Tory sent a message to Britta:

"Britta, my son, his friend and myself installed the floors, and we absolutely love them. I have other vendors asking me all about them - my plumber asked me this morning for all the info.

Again, love the product and so happy I found you all.

Cheers, Tory - Victory Builders, LLC

Check out Tory's Photos below!

Victory Builders N. Philadelphia & Steller Floors American Oak Tacoma (3)


Looking for a Steller Floors installer in the Philadelphia area?

Reach out to us, and let us know you'd like to speak with Tory about your flooring project & we'll put you in touch!

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