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Modern Hardwood Floors by Steller

Modern solid hardwood floors are a stylish choice for interior spaces. Modern grain is subtle and the wood has a luminous quality. Use these materials to reflect light and keep guests' eyes travelling around the space.

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  • Subtle Elegance

    Sometimes the most valuable aspects of design are restraint, and modern hardwood floors with subtle grain allow you to use wood without feeling too traditional.

  • Luminous Quality

    While the strong grain patterns are reduced, the warmth, acoustics and shimmering reflection of light from modern wood floors comfort occupants. 

  • Adaptable

    Subtle grain patterns in modern solid hardwoods have a range of resilience, but all Steller Floors are adaptable to different wear conditions. Since they are easy to clean and keep looking nice, these materials won't disappoint in residential or commercial applications.

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Steller Floors are easy to install DIY or with your favorite local contractor. 

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