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Steller Floors are Amazing 2024 (2)
Steller Floors are Amazing

Your Free Digital Guide to Planning a Flooring Project

With real, solid hardwood floors that are as easy to install as Steller Floors, it is natural for folks to start thinking about how to plan their DIY and professional projects using Steller.

Here's our Project Planning Guide to make sure you don't miss any of the important steps in the process!

Stage 1: Site Assessment

What information do you need to get started on a flooring project? Its easy!

Stage 2: Placing your Order 

As you start ordering materials, what should you keep in mind?


Stage 3: Site Prep 

When you're getting ready for your flooring to arrive, it is the perfect time to start your site preparation.

Stage 4: Installing your Floor 

So you're ready to receive your flooring, what should you expect?

  • Get materials inside (under climate control), and inspect the materials
  • Acclimate your flooring if needed
  • Keep in mind the timing of the installation - Steller Floors go in as late as possible
  • Get friends to help but stay organized to keep the project moving
  • Reach out to us during installation and get a free zoom call!
  • Plan ahead for care & repair of your flooring

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Incredible flexibility in hardwood flooring

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