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What to Expect when You Choose Steller Floors

Maybe you have decided to buy Steller Floors because our innovations are simple and quick to install without any nails or glue. Or it is possible that you appreciate that our real, solid hardwoods can float over any flat subfloor including concrete and subfloor heat. Perhaps you simply appreciate that our company has set out to make the most amazing hardwood floors possible. Whatever your reason is, what can you expect from your Steller Experience?

First, let us help you plan your project

Our team of Steller Experts are based in the USA and have years of experience in flooring, interior design and real estate -- and we're here to help you! We can help you find the Steller Floor that is right for your project including any technical considerations, aesthetic decisions, and finding the right floor to fit your budget. The best way to set up a conversation with one of our experts is by providing your project details using our quote form.

Arrange a Conversation with Our Experts

Once you've requested a quote,  wait for your team member to reach out to you or simply use the calendar link provided for you to set up a meeting time. During your meeting, we will help you spot-check your project plan, and help you better understand when and how your floor will be made by our expert craftspeople. We can discuss everything from ordering your floor, to shipping and delivery, and installation.

Receive a Formal Quote

Once you have discussed your project with a member of our team, they will create a formal quote for you that includes your Steller hardwood flooring materials, any assembly materials or underlayment that you might need, shipping to your job site, taxes and more. Generally, quotes last for 30 days, but depending on the year, there may be limited-time offers available as well.  

Place your Order

Our online quote system accepts payment via credit card and ACH, but you can also pay via check in the mail. Once you place your order and we receive your payment, our team of craftspeople will begin work on your Steller Floor--especially for you! This way, we reduce waste and ensure quality by focusing exclusively on your flooring during manufacturing.

Prepare to Receive your Flooring

While your flooring is being made, our customer support team will be available to help you coordinate your delivery and help you with any planning steps for your installation including planning a free zoom call from our studio to help you or your contractor get started quickly and effectively.

Receive your Flooring

All domestic Steller Floors ship with lift2024 Get a Quote gate delivery which means that the trucking company will call ahead to arrange a delivery time with you. When they arrive, they will be equipped with a liftgate to help remove the flooring from the truck, and a pallet jack that can roll the pallets anywhere there is a hard and flat surface. While some drivers will be finnicky about backing up their trucks on long driveways and in muddy conditions, many will be happy to work with you to get your pallets in an easily-accessed garage or dry dock area. 

Ready to Install? Discover our Knowledge Hub!

We have a variety of resources available to help you throughout the installation and life of your floor that are available 24/7 on our Knowledge Hub. Check out:

Ready to Get Started? Get a Quote Today!