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Affordable Luxury: How to Find the Best Deals on the Perfect Flooring

A budget-conscious approach to renovations is the earmark of a successful project, and so finding the perfect flooring within your budget is absolutely essential. Below, our Steller experts discuss finding the ideal floor that meets your needs without breaking the bank. Affordable luxury flooring is possible, and we'll guide you through the process of finding the best deals and selecting a high-quality flooring option at a reasonable price.

Research Flooring Deals and Discounts Online

Start your search by exploring various online retailers and manufacturers to find the best deals on flooring. This initial search will help you get a baseline for what products are available in the broadest market including vinyl plank, laminates, engineered wood floors and solid woods. You’ll quickly see how different materials affect the final price.

Keep an eye out for products that emphasize high quality sourcing of materials (e.g. premium grades of lumber), solid wood materials, prefinishing, sealants for water resistance, low environmental impacts, and products that are made by professional craftspeople. With these kinds of products, your dollar goes further because you are purchasing a product that is designed to last longer.

Also notice what gets left out when products are cheap. Many cheaper products are made of composites or engineered materials, they are unfinished or unsealed, are manufactured abroad, have damaging environmental impacts, or are expected to be replaced more often–which means more headaches for you in the future. Some manufacturers seem to have the best deals, but these options end up costing you the most.

"One of the most important things we discuss at Steller Floors is how can we help our clients understand their project budgets holistically--including materials, installation and lifetime maintenance costs. We try to help folks understand that higher quality products have lower costs over time." -- Scott Johnson, Co-founder and CEO 


Steller Floors have very low installation costs or can be DIY!

Understand Installation Costs

Even though purchasing the materials seems like it should be the biggest part of the budget, most flooring options double in price when you include professional installation. That’s because contractors often need to be certified for particular types of flooring installation. 

To stay within your budget, focus your search on products that are DIY friendly–even if you don’t plan on doing it yourself. With products that are easy to install, you save money by doing the installation yourself, or you can hire a local handyperson who doesn't need any complex certifications.  

Explore Mid-Range Wood Species

While high-end wood species like walnut can be expensive, there are plenty of mid-range options that provide the same beauty and durability at a lower cost. By exploring popular and more readily available wood species, you can find a species and stain combination that suits your design preferences and budget.

For example, American Oak is a common and versatile option that has distinctive grain patterns. This species will stand out to visitors in your space as authentic, and you can choose almost any stain to suit your personal preferences. In addition, Steller Floors offers American Oak in ⅝” thickness for significant price savings over Heirloom varieties.

If your style is more modern and you prefer subtle grain, consider choosing a hard maple solid wood floor. While the price is slightly higher than American Oak, this distinctive material will provide a bright, modern feel that can add light to any interior space.

Of course, when you are choosing solid hardwood flooring materials, you’re looking for a material that will last a long time, and it is important to choose a flooring that you will love for as long as possible. That’s why hickory is a top pick for so many of our customers – for its resilience and charismatic charm! 

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Order Samples to Check BOTH Quality and Color

Many flooring companies offer samples of their products online. Because you will be buying these materials in relatively large volumes, you should almost always order samples to see how they look and feel in your home before making a final decision.

"Not many shoppers realize that flooring overage is a hidden cost that flooring manufacturers certainly benefit from--like air in a bag of cereal or the butt ends of bread loaves. You pay for it and if it is defective, you throw it away. It's a clever scam that we can't imagine using on our own clients." Britta Teller, Co-founder and CSO

Take care to look at the samples carefully for evidence of defects. In manufacturing flooring, many manufacturers will accept a fairly high level of defects during their process and ask customers to buy overage to compensate. These defects often show up in samples too. Note that a reasonable level of overage is around 5%, and manufacturers who suggest 10-15% could be charging you for material you will ultimately throw away. 

Take Advantage of Free Consultations

In the past, visiting local dealers and showrooms used to be advantageous in researching flooring options, but as retailer budgets and staffing have dwindled, flooring retailers have become more difficult to utilize effectively than online venues. Instead, reach out to flooring suppliers who have free consultations and zoom meetings to take advantage of their expertise and find a product that meets your budget and style preferences.

Flooring experts will be able to understand your technical needs (your subfloor and climate conditions), your style preferences, and your budget and help you find a product that balances all three. Never hesitate to ask these guides about their industry experience, feedback they get from other customers and if their other customers recommend them. You don't want to accidentally ask for help on your flooring project from someone who might be guessing!

"In the worst case scenario, flooring retailers who provide untrained consultants lead clients to think they have the right product at ultra-low prices, and it just results in more disappointment later." Evan Stover, Co-founder and CIO.

Achieving the Impossible with Flooring Renovations

Finding the perfect, luxury hardwood flooring is achievable with a bit of research, exploration, and smart shopping. By comparing the best deals online, managing installation costs, considering mid-range wood species, ordering samples, and taking advantage of free consultations, you can strike the balance between affordability and luxury for your dream home renovation.

At Steller Floors, we offer high quality floating hardwood floors that are manufactured by craftspeople in Pennsylvania. Our patented design is designed to be DIY-friendly and doesn’t use nails or glue during installation. That also means that lifetime care and maintenance are a breeze–you can even remove damaged planks with a suction cup to repair or replace them individually and avoid refinishing the whole floor. 


We love that Steller Floors provides innovative, sustainable hardwood flooring for renovations and we can’t wait to work with you!

Reach out to us to start your free consultation with one of our experts.